(Frequently Asked questions)


1. Q: How long will it take to sell my house?

A: There's no set time frame for selling your house, although I digitally "scrub" the internet daily to find interested buyers and have had good success in selling houses quickly.


2. Q: What is the standard commission rate when selling your house?

A: Although six percent is usually the "going rate" there is no standard commission charge. Some Real Estate agencies charge seven and eight percent. Six percent is my standard fee.


3. Q: How long is the typical listing?

A: 90-180 days, I usually list a house for 120 days but our listings usually don't expire, they typically sell before the listing is up.


4. Q: How long does it take to close once we have an accepted offer?

A: Closing usually takes place in 30-40 days if the buyer is doing a standard mortgage. It depends on inspection(s) and mortgage companies time frames, appraisers availability and reinspections if necessary.


5. Q: How soon will my house have showings once it's listed?

A: Showings can occur the same day it's listed and because I market it as pre-approved buyers only you could receive an offer the same day it's listed!


6. Q: If I still need to be pre-approved does Carrington handle mortgages too?

A: Carrington Mortgage Services is a part of Carrington Financial just like Carrington Real Estate Services. I can refer you to Carrington Mortgage Services if you need a pre-approval.



7. Q: If I'm not sure what area I want to purchase a home in will you help me find a home anywhere I want to look?

A: Absolutely! I am able to sell homes anywhere in the State of Michigan. I'll help you narrow down your search area by breaking down the counties, cities, villages and neighborhoods with you.


8. Q: What's the best time of year to sell my house?

A: Anytime you put your house on the market through is a good time to sell because I find interested buyers year around. Although sales are usually higher in warm weather I'm confident I can sell your house for you anytime.


9. Q: When I'm looking for a certain type of house in a certain location how do I know you'll be able to find me what I want?

A: I'll find a house you like in the area you like! A certain type of house or certain area may be hard to find sometimes but I promise you I'll find you something you like.


10. Q: How will I know what to offer on a home?

A: I will analyze the price of the home, compare the price with surrounding homes, check for similarities in square footage, location and updates and recommend an offer price. Your offer price will be fair and we'll have the research to prove it!


11. Q: Do you sell Foreclosures, HUD homes and Fannie Mae Homepath homes?

A: Absolutely! Any home in the State of Michigan that's listed on the MLS we can show to you. The offers are written a little differently and are usually submitted via their own website but negoiations and counter offers are still part of the offer process. Carrington also specializes in REO's (real estate owned) homes or bank owned homes.


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